Welcome to Ålesund – Norway! The 31st Nordic Lipidforum Symposium will be organised between 12 and 15 of June 2022. We are also happy to announce that the 6th Nordic Lipidforum Academy will be organised prior to the Symposium. More information to come! More.

The Nordic LipidForum

is a professional arena for people interested in lipids, fats and oils in the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland,  Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The forum should benefit both scientists and companies involved by having a common meeting place and a system for exchange of knowledge.

The Nordic Lipidforum was formally founded in 1969.
Key points in the Nordic Lipidforum activities are:

  • Organise a contact network for a Nordic collaboration in the lipid area
  • Promote applied research and technology for industrial application of lipids, fats and oils with a special focus on the Nordic raw materials such as fish and other marine oils, rapeseed, camelina and flaxseed oil.
  • Provide information network playground for Nordic and international meetings, job opportunities in academia, research institutes and/or industry, etc.
  • Provide a forum for exchanging of ideas and information
  • Increase international visibility of Nordic research and industry in the lipid field.
  • To inspire talented employees to increase their competence in lipid science and Development

Chair of the board

Astrid Nilsson (NOR)
Phone: +47 901 27 672
Mail: astrid.nilsson@nofima.no


Robert Wolff
Phone: +47 994 49 579
Mail: secretary@lipidforum.info