Uppsala 2017

In memory of Lars Hellgren – a true lipid enthusiast with a great smile

It was with great sadness we received the message that our board member Lars Hellgren passed away on June 4th, after nearly two years of fighting against cancer.

Lars has been a huge contributor to our society for many years. He entered the board of Nordic Lipidforum back in 2003, acted Chair between 2007 and 2009, and attended his last board meeting late autumn 2016. Lars´ enthusiasm, great ideas and professional attitude has throughout this whole period been invaluable.

Lars was since 1997 employed at DTU, where he was a highly appreciated teacher and scientist. He was teaching at all levels from bachelor to PhD courses and always with great passion. Within his scientific career, Lars specialized in nutritional aspects of lipids, and focused particularly on the metabolism of ceramides and sphingomyelin in cell membranes. Later on his focus increasingly turned to the role of lipids for metabolic regulations in relation to metabolic diseases. In 2015 Lars, initiated and coordinated the InfantBrain project engaging both industry and academia in Denmark and he had great expectation for this project, which he had worked so hard to get funding for.

Within The Nordic Lipidforum, Lars great passion for teaching and transfer of knowledge made him deeply engage in the development of the Lipidforum Academy, which was held for the first time before the EFL/Lipidforum symposia i Göteborg, 2007. With help from Lars hard work, the Nordic Lipidforum Academy has since then been a highly successful bi-annual event. Lars’ good spirit together with his social skills, competence and large network has however not only been a huge asset for the Nordic Lipidforum Academy, but also for other events such as symposia and seminars. Not least, his input and help in organizing the upcoming EFL/Lipidforum symposia in August has been of great value, and will be in our minds in Uppsala when we carry through this event.

Lars, we will never forget your big smile, your overwhelming laughter and warm attendance. We all feel proud that we had a chance to work with you.

Our thoughts go to his son August, Marie, and to the rest of his family in this very difficult period.

Please also see the obituary of Lars Hellgren from DTU on their homepage here.