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Photo: Destinasjon Ålesund&Sunnmøre/Arnfinn Tønnessen.

We are almost fully booked when it comes to the Symposium! All hotel rooms we reserved, are now occupied. If you need a room in Ålesund during the Symposium, you need to act now! If you haven’t registered yet, you should do it this by the end of this week (Friday 20 May).

Welcome to Ålesund!

PhD-thesis: Mursalin Sajib

Former Young Scientist Award winner defend PhD thesis

Former Nordic Lipidforum Young Scientist Award winner from 2019, Mr. Mursalin Sajib, defended his PhD-thesis 1 October 2021 at the Chalmers University of Technology.

In this thesis, value-adding of herring co-products was studied using ensilaging – a simple, mild and energy-smart process technique. The goal was to find optimal process conditions to produce a high-quality herring silage suitable for both food and feed applications. By monitoring how protein hydrolysis increased during the ensilaging time, it was possible to produce a silage enriched in small peptides, rather than free amino acids; the latter which can lower the bioactive properties of silage. To minimize lipid oxidation during the entire ensilaging process chain, it was studied how this reaction was affected by temperature and time, and how rosemary-derived antioxidants could be introduced at correct dosage at the correct stage. To further add economic value to the silage, it was separated into a fish oil and a protein hydrolysate, both which can have a high market value. The findings of this thesis create a basis for design of local “green” herring silage-based bio refineries producing multiple value-added products from a biomass still having a low value.

The thesis was supervised by prof. Ingrid Undeland.


Mursalin Sajib awarded Young Scientist Award at Symposium in 2019. Board member Ann-Dorit Moltke-Sørensen and former Chair of Board, Kasten Nielsen. Photo: Nordisk Lipidforum/Robert Wolff.


Lipids in Covid-19 pandemic and a specific role in the personalised nutrition

The Nordic LipidForum proudly presents a new webinar, following up our success from last November. This time with a topic of current interest.

Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic situation, the board of Nordic Lipidforum decided to postpone the next Symposium until 2022. This is a misfortune for our every year continued and very much enjoyed tradition to meet each other’s and update our knowledge in lipids. Therefore, we wish to invite you to our afternoon Webinar on the 16th of June. Please take this as a change to learn more on the effects of cod liver oil in the status of COVID-19 disease. The topic personalised nutrition is introduced from the view of practical tools used in metabolic.  The theme is continued by revealing the results achieved in the recent intervention studies in Denmark and in Finland.


PhD. Sonja Hjellegjerde Brunvoll – Univerisity of Oslo, NOR

Sonja Brunvoll is a registered dietitian and has just finalised her PhD in nutritional pidemiology at the Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo about diet and nutrition among women with breast cancer. She is now working at the Department of Microbiology, Oslo University Hospital as a researcher, working with the ‘Cod liver oil for COVID-19 prevention’ and ‘Risk factors for community- and workplace transmission of COVID-19’ studies which she will present today.

Prof. Kati Hanhineva – University of Turku, FIN

Kati is professor in food development with special focus in Nordic foods and health effects. She holds a Research Director position at the University of Eastern Finland and is affiliated as visiting scientist at Chalmers. Her main research focus is within the biochemistry of foods, especially phytochemical compounds, and the effect of food processing such as fermentation on their composition. Likewise, molecular level understanding of the role of nutrition in maintaining good health, and food-microbiota interaction are within the core of the research.

PhD. Maria Lankinen – University of Eastern Finland, FIN

Maria is an authorized clinical nutritionist, and docent in nutrition, with specialisation in lipid metabolism. She is a researcher at the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition and has an over 10 years’ experience of randomised controlled clinical trials studying health effects of diet. Last years she has focused on gene-diet interactions related to fatty acid metabolism and prevention of type 2 diabetes. She has also an active role in the Fatty Acids and Outcomes Research Consortium (FORCE), which goal is to understand the relationships between fatty acids from our diet and metabolic processes on chronic disease outcomes.

PhD-student Kristina Pigsborg – University of Copenhagen, DEN

MSc. Kristina Pigsborg is a second year PhD student in the Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports at the University of Copenhagen. In her PhD-thesis she is working with personalised dietary management of human health and aiming on identifying new as well as validate newly discovered biomarkers that modify the relationship between dietary intake and overweight/obesity as well as glucose homeostasis. At this webinar she will present results from a study done in collaboration with University of Oslo, Norway.

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The 31st Nordic Lipidforum Symposium postponed until 2022

Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic situation, the board of Nordic Lipidforum decided at the last board meeting to postpone the next Symposium until 2022.

Nevertheless, we are happy to announce that there will be a 31st Symposium! The city of Ålesund will host both the 6th Nordic Lipidforum Academy and the 31st Nordic Lipidforum Symposium. The Acadamy are, as earlier, scheduled ahead of the Symposium. Dates for Symposium are 12 to 15 of June, and most likely start of Academy at 8 of June.

Save the dates!

A practical PhD course on Lipid Biochemistry, Technology, Application and Analysis (4 ECTS)

The objective of the course is to introduce the participants to practical applications in lipid biochemistry, lipid nutrition, biotechnology and advanced lipid analytical methods through lectures and laboratory experiments. The following areas will be covered: modification of lipids and lipid processing, lipid metabolism, lipophilic vitamins, lipid oxidation and antioxidants, and different lipid analytical methods including methods for analysis of lipophilic contaminants. The course is a mix of lectures and practical lab work.

Due to the uncertainties related to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, the course might be arranged as an online course. In this case, the laboratory part will not be carried out.

Time: 22 – 26 June 2020.

More information about the course can be found here:

You will also find some more information in a flyer by clicking here.

SINTEF BIOPRO receive food approval

As earlier mentioned, the Norwegian R&D institute SINTEF Ocean, launched their pilot plant Centre for bio-processing and Ingredients Research, BIOPRO, in 2017 (more here).

This week SINTEF received a temporary approval for food processing, with manufacture number TL17, from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority .

– This enable us to provide our partners with food grade oil samples, that can be used in market research, among others, says SINTEF in a comment.

Symposium Presentations

Presentations from the 30th Nordic LipidForum Symposium are now available and may be reached by clicking here.

Not all presentations are available. It depends on, among other, limitation due to unpublished materials etc. We recommend you to get in touch with the speakers directly and ask for a copy. The Symposium program is available here.

What is happening?

New events coming up in near future:

  • 5th International Symposium Dietary Fat and Health, 28-29 April 2020, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. More information here.
  • 3rd International Symposium On Lipid Oxidation And Antioxidants 10 – 12 June 2020
  • Nordic LipidForum Seminar 2020  – Lipids in a sustainable society – from raw materials to inclusion in our diet. Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (SWE), 2 – 3 September 2020.

WEBINAR – a Nordic LipidForum Seminar 2020

Due to the corona pandemic situation, the organising committee has decided to organise our next seminar as a webinar. Dates are as earlier announced on the 11 and 12 of November 2020.

The webinar is titled: Lipids in a sustainable society – from raw materials to inclusion in our diet. Some question to be covered: How will the nutritional profile our lipid intake affected by the ongoing dietary shift? What are the sustainable sources of lipids that could be better explored to reach a sustainable diet on a more holistic level – i.e., beyond just a change in our protein intake? What is needed from sustainable refining and processing of biomasses to produce new oils? How should sensitive lipids with a clear sustainability profile be formulated into foods and supplements? And, not least, what does the term sustainability really mean?

More information here.

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The 30th Nordic Lipidforum Symposium 2019

Opening lecture at the 30th Nordic Lipidforum Symposium 2019.

The the 30th Nordic Lipidforum Symposium 2019, is now history. A great time, in great surroundings and as always on our Symposium, with great food!

You can read the program at the Symposium by clicking here, and the Minutes from Members meeting by clicking here.