PhD-thesis: Mursalin Sajib

Former Young Scientist Award winner defend PhD thesis

Former Nordic Lipidforum Young Scientist Award winner from 2019, Mr. Mursalin Sajib, defended his PhD-thesis 1 October 2021 at the Chalmers University of Technology.

In this thesis, value-adding of herring co-products was studied using ensilaging – a simple, mild and energy-smart process technique. The goal was to find optimal process conditions to produce a high-quality herring silage suitable for both food and feed applications. By monitoring how protein hydrolysis increased during the ensilaging time, it was possible to produce a silage enriched in small peptides, rather than free amino acids; the latter which can lower the bioactive properties of silage. To minimize lipid oxidation during the entire ensilaging process chain, it was studied how this reaction was affected by temperature and time, and how rosemary-derived antioxidants could be introduced at correct dosage at the correct stage. To further add economic value to the silage, it was separated into a fish oil and a protein hydrolysate, both which can have a high market value. The findings of this thesis create a basis for design of local “green” herring silage-based bio refineries producing multiple value-added products from a biomass still having a low value.

The thesis was supervised by prof. Ingrid Undeland.


Mursalin Sajib awarded Young Scientist Award at Symposium in 2019. Board member Ann-Dorit Moltke-Sørensen and former Chair of Board, Kasten Nielsen. Photo: Nordisk Lipidforum/Robert Wolff.